Smoke Perfume, Ritual EDP

Smoke Perfume, Ritual EDP



Ritual Eau De Parfum punctuates with notes of cinnamon leaf, neroli, and rose, and finishes with a deep patchouli dry down. Designed for every body and all seasons using pure essential oils and absolutes.

Ritual Eau De Parfum comes with a spray applicator, and is best sprayed directly onto skin at a close range. The spray opens up the scent, and creates an auric experience. 

Size: 1fl. oz / 30ml

Ingredients: Organic perfumer's alcohol, essential oils and absolutes. For best results store out of direct sunlight.

Smoke Perfume & Co. was launched by founder Kathleen Currie in 2013. Drawing on her background as a massage therapist and aromatherapist, Currie set out to craft a scent that was as evocative as it was therapeutic. Her New Orleans based company has continued to grow organically and has spawned a cult following in the natural fragrance movement.

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