Coqui Coqui Bath Oils

Coqui Coqui Bath Oils


Rich, tropical bath oils from the Yucatan Peninsula. Coqui Coqui bath oils enhance your bathing rituals - transporting you to that paradise you've been dreaming of. Doubles as an equally luxurious massage oil. 

4 oz. Bottle

Coco Coco (Coconut) - Soft and sensual, with a subtle bitter green edge.

Tabaco (Tobacco Leaves) - An elegant scent of strong, warm tobacco leaves.

Lavman (Lavender & Chamomile) - A gentle mix of the soft floral scent of lavender and chamomile flowers.

Maderas (Sandalwood & Tropical Woods) - A woodsy and dry aroma of wet earth woodlands and freshly chopped roots.

Rosas Frescas (Fresh Roses) - The freshness of white rose petals.

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