Aesop Body Balms + Lotions

Aesop Body Balms + Lotions

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Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm:

A rich, skin-softening balm containing carefully selected emollient ingredients, including Potassium Lactate, to soften the skin and provide sustained hydration.

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm:

A blend of fragrant botanicals and skin-softening emollients that delivers rich hydration to labour-wearied hands and cuticles.

Geranium Leaf Body Balm:

A rich blend of nourishing nut oils, skin-softening ingredients and Geranium Leaf and Citrus extracts to provide exceptional hydration.

Resolute Hydrating Body Balm:

A richly emollient balm with a distinctively spicy aroma. Formulated with Shea Butter and oils of Wheat Germ and Sweet Almond to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Rind Concentrate Body Balm:

A citrus-based formulation with oils of Orange and Lemon Rind to cool and refresh the skin, and nut oil extracts to soften and lightly hydrate.

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