Smooth, Sculptural Black Pottery Lamp sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-3.jpg

Smooth, Sculptural Black Pottery Lamp

Laurent 05 - Various Colors Laurent_05_TealBlack.jpg

Laurent 05 - Various Colors

from 1,425.00
Vintage Fiberglass Reflector Lamp 041619_Sunday_Shop_spring_inventory-17.jpg
sold out

Vintage Fiberglass Reflector Lamp

Waldorf Wall Lamp Small wal04bl_02_.jpg

Waldorf Wall Lamp Small

from 560.00
Green Tribal Ceramic Key Lamp sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-3.jpg
sold out

Green Tribal Ceramic Key Lamp

Waldorf Wall Lamp Large TIFF-LAMBERTETFILS-94_editweb.jpg

Waldorf Wall Lamp Large

from 845.00
Laurent 01 - Metallic Lambert_01_BrassBlack.jpg

Laurent 01 - Metallic

from 1,815.00
Laurent 05 - Metallic Laurent_05_ChromeBlack.jpg

Laurent 05 - Metallic

from 1,905.00
Laurent 01 - Various Colors Lambert_01_BlueBlue.jpg

Laurent 01 - Various Colors

from 1,425.00
Waldorf Suspension Triple products_collection_waldorf-wal07bl_01-1040x1560.jpg

Waldorf Suspension Triple

from 1,645.00
Moroccan Hat Shade styled_roundtop_sunday_shop_vignette_HIGH_RES-10.jpg

Moroccan Hat Shade

TIFF-LAMBERTETFILS-4_editweb.jpg Bea01bl_04.jpg

Beaubien Three Positions

from 2,900.00
products_collection_dot-dot03br_03a-1300x1445.jpg products_collection_dot-dot03br_01a-1300x1433.jpg

Dot Wall Lamp

from 435.00
Pair of Terracotta Hand Painted Chevron Lamps sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-2.jpg

Pair of Terracotta Hand Painted Chevron Lamps

dot02br_rev02.jpg dot02bl_rev02.jpg

Dot Suspension

from 435.00
Dot Atomium products_collection_dot-dot01gr-1560x1040.jpg

Dot Atomium

from 1,825.00
Laurent 09 - Various Colors Laurent_09_BlackBlack.jpg

Laurent 09 - Various Colors

from 1,575.00
Dot 14 Dot14_48_3_SET_CLOSEUP_web-1300x1300.jpg

Dot 14

from 2,315.00
Cypress Knee Lamp with Wicker Shade sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-3.jpg
sold out

Cypress Knee Lamp with Wicker Shade

products_collection_dot-dot04br_01a-1560x1622.jpg products_collection_dot-dot04br_02-1040x1346.jpg

Dot Table Lamp

from 455.00
Wood & Black Textured Pottery Lamp sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-3.jpg

Wood & Black Textured Pottery Lamp

TIFF-LAMBERTETFILS-16_editweb.jpg bea02bl_02.jpg

Beaubien Suspension

from 1,095.00
Brass Mid Century Desk Lamp sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-11.jpg
sold out

Brass Mid Century Desk Lamp

Laurent_10_sand.jpg Laurent_10_Blue.jpg

Laurent 10

Cliff Wall Lamp products_collection_cliff-cli06wh-1040x1560.jpg

Cliff Wall Lamp

from 695.00
Laurent 06 - Various Colors Laurent_06_BlueBlue.jpg

Laurent 06 - Various Colors

from 1,415.00
cli03bl_05.jpg cli03bl_02.jpg

Cliff Table Lamp

from 680.00
Ceramic Lamp with Rust Shade
sold out

Ceramic Lamp with Rust Shade

Beaubien Wall Double Shade

Beaubien Wall Double Shade

from 850.00
Ribbed Sea Green Lamp sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-3.jpg
sold out

Ribbed Sea Green Lamp

Laurent 06 - Metallic Laurent_06_BrassBlack.jpg

Laurent 06 - Metallic

from 1,895.00
Square Stacked Column Lucite Lamp
sold out

Square Stacked Column Lucite Lamp

Cliff 07 Cliff07_BR_CLOSEUPNEW_web-1300x1300.jpg

Cliff 07

from 4,495.00
Laurent 09 - Metallic Laurent_09_ChromeBlack.jpg

Laurent 09 - Metallic

from 2,015.00
Cliff Suspension

Cliff Suspension

from 1,335.00
Laurent_03_BrassBlack.jpg Laurent_03_BrassYellow.jpg

Laurent 03 - Metallic

from 1,905.00
Clark Table Lamp products_collection_clark-cla01brma_04-1560x1040.jpg

Clark Table Lamp

from 745.00
Laurent 03 - Various Colors Laurent_03_BlueBlue.jpg

Laurent 03 - Various Colors

from 1,425.00
Cliff Dome Suspension products_collection_cliff-cli05bl_04-1560x1041.jpg

Cliff Dome Suspension

from 1,215.00
Dot Antipode

Dot Antipode

from 685.00
Bea03bl_02.jpg TIFF-LAMBERTETFILS-86_editweb.jpg

Beaubien Simple Shade

from 535.00
Dot Luna Floor Lamp products_collection_dot-dot08br-marble-1560x1950.jpg

Dot Luna Floor Lamp

from 880.00
80's Style Plaster Lamps sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-8.jpg

80's Style Plaster Lamps

Waldorf Grue Floor Lamp LAMBERTETFILS-floor_lamp.jpg

Waldorf Grue Floor Lamp

from 1,415.00
Black & White Crosshatch Pottery Lamp sunday_shop_vintage_lamps+summer_2019-3.jpg

Black & White Crosshatch Pottery Lamp

Dot Line Floor

Dot Line Floor

from 1,165.00
Elegant Mid-Century Modern Ceramic & Brass Lamp

Elegant Mid-Century Modern Ceramic & Brass Lamp

Waldorf Suspension Double products_collection_waldorf-wal07bl_swivel-a-1560x1371.jpg

Waldorf Suspension Double

from 1,395.00
White Ribbed Ceramic Lamp

White Ribbed Ceramic Lamp

Cliff Floor Lamp cli02bl_05.jpg

Cliff Floor Lamp

from 1,530.00
Speckled Taupe Ceramic Lamp

Speckled Taupe Ceramic Lamp