Coqui Coqui

"At the heart of Coqui Coqui Perfumeria, lies the Yucatan."

Gentle Warm Breezes...

How fitting that this fragrance brand should be found on the shelves of Sunday Shop's Courtyard Room. As one of the northernmost Caribbean cities, tropical conditions are nothing foreign to us. Each of the scents created by Coqui Coqui, whether in the form of cologne, soap, or rich candle, will simultaneously transport you to the Yucatan.  

"Each is opulent and tropical, evocative of the lush landscapes and lifestyle of the Yucatan - the sugary coconut groves, salty, balmy sea air, verdant earthy jungles; the fruity, floral, succulent herb and spiced aromas, carried by the gentle warm breezes of the Caribbean and Gulf coasts..." 

–Coqui Coqui

The charm of the Yucatan...

It's no wonder such complex and inspired scents were born from the Yucatan region. Known for its dense natural life both above and below the crystal waters, the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most beautiful parts of the Caribbean, providing endless reminders of the beauty in nature and how that can translate into our daily lives through the sense of smell, thanks to Coqui Coqui.