Boyd's of Texas

"We are craftsmen, born of the heat and pollen and pine trees of the southern states. Descendants of electricians and brick layers. We believe in hospitality, humility, and hard work..."



An Ode to a Bygone Era

Boyd's Eau du Parfum fragrances are 100% natural; each scent is crafted without synthetic ingredients or animal products, using only the highest quality natural materials from around the world. 


Meet The Fragrances

Three timeless, genderless heritage scents available in eau du parfum, body oil and bar soap. 


Green Vetiver

Fresh citrusy notes of bergamot and lime combine with coriander and herbs. A green neroli and floral heart takes over, before drying into a soft musk of oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli.


High Desert 

Like stumbling upon a summer watering hole in New Mexico. Top notes of spiced coriander and Texas grapefruit give way to a body of dry, dusty cedar and trail side herbs. As the scent mellows, it dries into a warm, smokey fireside of birch tar, cade, labdanum and vetiver. 



A fleeting burst of citrus and soft florals quickly becomes rooted in the dryer, dusty woods of various cedars. This deepens on the skin and is joined by the slightest hint of warm jasmine, before it develops and softens into darker woods and smoky leather.


Face & Body Oil

This dry oil formulation lightly perfumes while providing moisture to the skin.


Natural & Charcoal Soap

Two amazing formulas to clean the hardest working hands. 



 The more moisturizing of the two. Made with gentle clay, organic oils of coconut, olive, pecan, and sustainably sourced palm, along with a soft white kaolin clay for extra moisture.



For ultra deep cleansing. Made with organic oils of coconut, olive, pecan, and sustainably sourced palm, along with activated charcoal to remove dirt and oils.

Hand Crafted in the American South


Katie Logan