Fireside: Mixing The Old in a New Way

For almost a year now, Fireside Antiques has made appearances at Sunday Shop and now - with the re-launch of their website - you'll be seeing a little bit of Sunday Shop in Fireside. Two of our team members, Augusta Sagnelli + Jo Gremillion, teamed up with the now third generation owner of Fireside to create new imagery for the Baton Rouge-based antiques dealer - breathing fresh air into the new brand imagery and showcasing the versatility of the incredible pieces Fireside has to offer.


Layering is a tool that we use often - what good is a sofa if you can't have layers of amazing pillows? And one of the easiest ways to finish off a perfectly layered look: rugs. The casual yet richly colored rugs from Sunday Shop are the perfect pair to the clean lined and ornately detailed pieces offered at Fireside. Spare and creative styling makes layers of antique furniture and accessories feel fresh and uniquely modern. 

Scared to buy antiques? Don't be. As Fireside Antiques owners, Laura and Susan Roland, have taught us, antiques are meant to be used. Just like some of our favorite Sunday Shop rugs - the more time worn, the better.


At Sunday Shop, the importance of having Fireside pieces available for our customers is not just the result of a great partnership, it is a design necessity. You will see this blend of new and old, clean and ornate, dramatic and understated throughout our shop - a sign of the direct and undeniable influence of our founders at Logan Killen Interiors. Fortunately, through years of hard work and friendship, Sunday Shop and Fireside Antiques are able to compliment one another in a beautiful way, making it possible to bring those same unique combinations of old and new into your own space.


Visit Fireside Antiques' new website to browse their incredible inventory.


We've Received a New Shipment of Fireside Items This Week! 


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Katie Logan