Beautiful, wearable, useable craft.

Loomed began in 2012 when founders Paul and Molly Babineaux returned to New Orleans from Istanbul, Turkey, with a new appreciation for the far-flung city’s handcrafted towels and textiles. They decided to work to bring them to the States, partnering with Turkey’s only remaining hand-loom workshop community to create towels, blankets and scarves in custom colors, using only organic, ethically sourced cotton. The finished products are incredibly soft and absorbent, but more than that, they’re versatile—here are just a few of the ways we’re using ours.


At The Beach

Bulky beach towels, be gone—this summer we’re bringing Loomed towels along whenever and wherever we take a dip. They work as blankets, sarongs and post-swim towels, and are light as air to tote around. 

Traveling Light

Loomed scarves are built to travel—toss one in your carry-on to ward off mid-flight chills, and it’ll double as a light layer throughout your trip. 


Room Refresh

Loomed looks at home—and beautifully so—just about anywhere. They’re a simple way to add a bit of color, texture and comfort to each corner of your home and elevate your everyday.


Time spent at home is sacred, and our daily routines are made more special by incorporating well-crafted tools that are as beautiful as they are practical. 



To The Dogs

Since they’re perfectly sized and machine washable—and, not to mention, much better looking than your average dog blanket—Loomed towels are ideal for protecting that corner of the couch where your furry buddy always wants to curl up. And, we have it on good authority that even dogs love tassels.  


Loomed towels are a luxe, lightweight alternative to standard plush towels—they’ll revive your bath routine and bring an invaluable element to your self-care practice. 


A hand-woven Turkish towel is a special piece of craftsmanship.

Each Loomed piece comes from a thoughtful, considered place, with an appreciation of handcraft and quality that comes through in each woven detail. They’re not precious or fragile—these are beautiful tools that are made to be used and well-loved. Which is why we’re proud to carry them at Sunday Shop, and why we think they’ll earn a treasured spot in your home. 


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