Mark Bercier


It is clear - New Orleans artist and Louisiana native, Mark Bercier, is passionate about art and the people who create it.

We imagine that wherever Mark calls home, regardless of location, would be extraordinary as it is truly defined by the objects within it. His extensive collection of art by friends, colleagues, and admired artists is impressive, yet modest; eclectic, yet refined. From framed pieces by recognizable names in the art world to anonymous 5 year olds, the walls of Mark Bercier's space are nothing short of inspiring.  

Living Room

Living Room

Bedroom Nook

Bedroom Nook




Mark graciously walked us around his home, answering a few questions, but mostly sharing his wealth of knowledge about the art hanging on his walls - each with a name, a place, a story.

You can feel how significant each piece is to him and how grateful he is that they were created.  One of our founders, a long time family friend of Mark, was deeply influenced at an early age by his taste and aesthetic. Mark's personal spaces are reminiscent of a room you will find in Sunday Shop - found objects, layered textiles, and a mixture of modern and antique furnishings.  


A Brief Q&A with Mark Bercier



SUNDAY SHOP: Did you always know you wanted to paint?

MARK BERCIER: Always. When I was really little - maybe five - we would go to this community youth center, and you could play sports - I loved to swim but I never did sports. There was this woman there, a very old lady named Miss K... something, and she would bring her own drawings wrapped in cellophane to protect them and she'd have you copy them. But I always loved to draw and everything since I was very young. 

SUNDAY SHOP: Were you formally trained in your craft?

MARK BERCIER: I did go to school at USL in Lafayette, and for a while at an art school in Houston, but I truly feel more self taught than anything. I really never was a very good student and after working in Houston for a while I moved back home and lived in the French Quarter for 24 years before moving to this apartment. 

SUNDAY SHOP: Do you have artists that you are particularly inspired by?

MARK BERCIER: Endless. I love so many artists, and they're all so good in so many different ways. My current obsession is with a group of African women who paint the outsides of these incredible clay structures - they're just incredible, so beautiful. I would love to go there someday and see it in person.  

SUNDAY SHOP: Tell us about your symbols that appear in your work. 

MARK BERCIER: It's a language I've been working on for 30 years - Healin' Symbols. I have them here on a wall in my studio so when I am working on a piece I can see the whole library and I know I won't forget any. It really depends on the piece which symbols I include.  Each symbol tells a story, and it's about your life's journey. 


"The still life is a symbol of silence, how little silence people have in their lives today.

How little time people spend with themselves. The still life is a reminder of the beauty and importance of this silence."



You can see and purchase Mark's still life series at Sunday Shop, as well as a selection of pieces online. 


A portrait of Mark's right eye by Margaret Witherspoon

A portrait of Mark's right eye by Margaret Witherspoon

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