“Last Rays" Oil Painting by Charles-Claude Houssard

“Last Rays" Oil Painting by Charles-Claude Houssard


Charles-Claude Houssard was a Belgian landscape and architectural painter active from the 1870s to the 1940s. He took study trips to Italy, England, France and The Netherlands to master his craft. This work, entitled “Derniers Rayons” or “Last Rays” in English depicts a number of boats with sails still up, docking in a harbor as the final remnant of sunlight casts its rays onto the sails’ tops. Their reflections are mirrored in the rippling water, with the heavily applied paint creating the movement and texture that seemingly lifts off the canvas. Signed by artist.

Measures: 31 3/4″H x 39 1/2″W x 5/8″DM

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